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MWS Research Centre is a cutting-edge provider of embedded software and hardware solutions with a streamlined and process-oriented technique for product design across various sectors. While delivering breakthrough embedded devices and mobile/web apps using IoT controllers and next-generation technology, we have been a part of numerous customer success stories.

We began our journey in 2003 and are based in Perundurai, India. We offer a design facility that includes a fully equipped testing lab. MWS Research Centre strives to offer unpowered wings to all things Tech, IoT, and Embedded. We aim to provide world-class precise engineering of complex embedded solutions for various industries.







MWS Research Centre has extensive experience in system design, firmware, and driver development. Our dynamic engineers use creative hardware and software concepts to create complicated embedded devices that are specifically tailored. Furthermore, we reduce the need for human labour by using IoT controllers.

We use IoT controllers to automate our daily procedures completely. Our solutions, based on a proprietary technology, are utilized and supported in a wide range of demanding embedded applications. We provide iOS/Android apps in addition to our standard embedded hardware and software platform offerings. We have created and maintained unrivalled quality as a low-cost solution.


We seek to strike a balance between the three main areas of People, Product, and Technology.


Realizing embedded technology's full potential to user in a new development, growth, and productivity era.


IoT Hardware

Our experienced engineers develop tailored hardware solutions for IoT applications, integrating sensors, actuators, communication modules, & microcontrollers. From concept to prototyping, we ensure precision engineering & seamless connectivity, driving innovation in diverse industries.

IoT Firmware

We craft efficient and dependable firmware, ensuring seamless communication, data processing, & optimal device performance. With expertise in low-level programming, we design firmware solutions for various IoT applications. From real-time operating systems to communication protocols & power optimization, our services enhance device functionality & intelligence.

IoT Mobile App

We understand IoT architectures, enabling them to build scalable & user-friendly apps for remote monitoring, control, & management. Our mobile apps prioritize exceptional user experiences, offering real-time data visualization, notifications, analytics, & interactive controls. With compatibility for iOS & Android, our apps ensure seamless connectivity & control across various devices, empowering users to optimize their IoT ecosystem's potential.

IoT Web App &
Cloud Services

Our robust web applications allow seamless control of IoT devices from any browser. With cloud infrastructure, we ensure reliable data storage, analytics, and remote device management, enabling scalable IoT deployments. Our services include user management, data visualization, and seamless third-party integration, providing a holistic IoT solution.


Ignite your career with MWS Research Centre and join the forefront of cutting-edge embedded solutions. Be part of our success stories and shape the future of technology.


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